Chicks hatching 2018

We are streaming our chicks again this year.  We are hoping to see some cute little chicks very soon.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!

YR Week Ending 15.6.18

This week, we have been thinking all about The Little Red Hen!  We have been writing instructions for making a jam sandwich (using the bread made by the Hen!) using imperative verbs (spread, cut, mix etc.), helping the Hen count in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s, sharing 10 bread rolls…

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Year 4 Homework

Spellings: learn your new words for 18.06.2018   Maths: complete fractions sheet for 18.06.18. Remember to practise your maths passport target and times tables. Remember to also do some maths whizz.   English: Please complete reading comprehension for 18.06.18.   Reading: please read three times a week for 18.06.18

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Year 2 homework 13th June 2018

This week the homework is a multiplication game to help reinforce the tables covered so far this year. Spellings are on Spell Anywhere and follow the suffix ‘ing’ rule. Thank you for your continuing support. Mrs Hawkes and Mr Williams   Homework week 2

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Year 5 homework w.b. 11.06.18

This week’s homework is as follows:   Monday – spellings (issued Wednesday) Wednesday – spellings issued and English – planning ambitious vocabulary to use in ‘The Piano’ writing this week and next week. Thursday – Maths Whizz, no maths homework set this week please do extra Maths Whizz due to missed…

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Year 1 homework – 11th June

This week’s homework is as follows: Spellings – The ea words have been stuck into the children’s spelling books and are also available on Spell Anywhere. This can be accessed by selecting Pupils -> Spellings -> Year 1 on the home page of the school website. These spellings will be tested…

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Year 6 – week commencing 11.06.18

Hello Year 6! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend at the residential. Thank you for being so brilliant! This week’s homework is as follows: Monday – Science/History. To find five facts about Mary Aning. Please write it down and be ready to share. Due 18.06.18. Tuesday – Maths…

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