YR Updates Week Ending 19.5.17

Another busy week in YR!  We have been learning all about 3d shapes – including their names and properties this week.  We have been working on the traditional story of Hansel and Gretel and have been doing lots of work on our key words and sounds. We have also enjoyed time outside (between showers!) using our new trikes and bikes!

The role-play areas have been changed this week. YRMF now have a Britain’s Got Talent themed area and YRWI have seen the appearance of an Ice-Cream Parlour! Watch out for photographs of the children enjoying these areas!

Homework is to continue to practise spellings that are sent home in Reading Diaries and to also continue with Guided Reading/Reading Challenges!  If your child would like to, they could also go on a 3d shape hunt around their house/garden and record the shapes they have found. We would love to see their work!