Reception Week Ending 16.6.17

Reception have had a fun and exciting week trying to answer the question, ‘Why did the Gingerbread Man NOT want to go into the river?’ and studying similarities, differences and changes over time.

We have carried out a number of different experiments including placing the Gingerbread man into a hot and cold river, placing him in rivers made from different liquids (milk, water, cola, vinegar and cooking oil), investigating how many dunks before a Gingerbread man disintegrates and even placing ice cubes on his tummy!!

The children loved making predictions and then seeing if their predictions were correct. They made great Scientists and found out that if the river had been made from cooking oil, then he would have been able to swim across safely. In all of the other rivers, he would have disintegrated quite quickly! This work will continue on into next week so that all pupils have the chance to experience the different experiments and investigations.