Year 5 homework – w.b. 11.09.17

This week’s homework is as follows:

Find a newspaper article and highlight/label the key features we discussed in class. This includes: headline, byline, picture, caption, wordplay, lead paragraph, main body, tail paragraph and the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where are why)

Maths homework is to complete the assessment on Maths Whizz. Please find log ins in your child’s homework diary. If children are unable to complete their assessment we shall have some time within the ICT lesson on Friday to complete it. Alternatively, if your child has completed the assessment they are welcome to start their tutoring programme within Maths Whizz. We are expecting at least 30 minutes a week to be completed on Maths Whizz in your child’s own time.


Thank you for your continues support

Miss Cook and Mr Smith