Year 2 Christmas project work

Dear Parents,

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas production, we were really proud of all the children, thank you for all your efforts –  learning the lines, practising the songs and the beautiful costumes.

This week there is no spelling test or class times table, they will resume on the first Monday back. Please feel free however though to revisit those already learnt this term.

The children have been given back their projects today in order that they can complete them and add to their projects to individualise them and add their own  pages to the project. The last piece of set homework is to create an equipment list for Scott’s expedition.  Please see the information sheet below for further details. The projects are currently unmarked although we have been checking the work as its come in, as the finished projects will be marked as whole and certificates and awards presented for effort. The final due date is Monday 15th January 2018.

The children have worked really hard this term and we wish them a well earned and  very Happy Christmas. Looking forward to seeing everyone back safely on Tuesday 9th January.

Kind regards

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Williams

Holiday research letter Explorers project

Week 7 – Scott’s equipment list