YR Week Ending 5.10.18

Reception had their very first Celebration Assembly this Monday!  Congratulations to those children who received the award – we look forward to our next assembly!

This week, we have been learning our new Talk for Writing story in Literacy.  The children have done a great job at remembering all associated actions!  We have continued practising our Jolly Jingles, linked to the letters i, p and n.

Our rhyme of the week has been ‘I’m a Little Teapot’.

In Maths Mastery, we have been focusing on the number 3.  We have been introduced to a new Numberling from Numberblocks, have practised numeral formation and have been representing numbers in lots of different ways – we have been talking a lot about how different representations of a number hold “the same value, but a different appearance“.  We have also been exploring the number 3 in our outside area through a number hunt where the children have collected natural objects to represent a numeral; talking about which number is the biggest and which is the smallest; and performing a range of actions (hopping, clapping etc) to a corresponding numeral.

Next week, we will continue work on our Talk for Writing text ‘Stuck in the Mud’.  We will be introducing the number 4 through Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons.  The rhyme of the week will be Miss Polly had a Dolly.

Homework: your child will be bringing their homework folder home on Wednesday containing Jolly Phonics work to reinforce our work on ip and n. Please ensure this is returned for the following Monday.  Also, your child could hunt for the numeral 3 in their local environment e.g., door numbers or numbers in the supermarket!

Your child may like the following game linked to our Maths work this week: https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/puzzles/numberblocks-jigsaw

Tricky words for this week: be, me, we, was – please use the tricky word bag (sent home last Friday) to practise these words.  The words will be updated this Friday.

Some photos from last week: