YR Week Ending 19.10.18

We have a fun week ahead in Reception…

We will continue to learn our Talk for Writing story Stuck in the Mud in Literacy, thinking lots about the structure of the story (beginning, middle and end) and identifying the key features of each element.

In Phonics, we will be focusing on r, m and d, whilst also recapping our previously learned sounds through singing our Jolly Jingles and demonstrating the associated actions.

Our rhyme of the week will be ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5’.  We have also linked this into our Maths Mastery work after being introduced to another new Numberling in Numberblocks!

We will be practising the formation of the numeral 5, taking care to form it correctly so that it doesn’t look like the letter s!  This week we will also be representing the number 5 in lots of different ways and practising our subitising skills.

Next week, we will be moving on to our NEW Talk for Writing text ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’.  We will be recapping on numbers 0-5 in Maths Mastery.  The rhyme of the week will be Three Blind Mice.

Homework: your child will be bringing their homework folder home on Wednesday containing Jolly Phonics work to reinforce our work on r, m, d. Please ensure this is returned for the following Monday. 

You could also try to find 5 ‘Autumn Treasures’ (conkers, chestnuts, leaves, acorns etc.) Can you find any representations of 5 in your local surroundings? Tell us/show us what you have found!

Tricky words for this week: are, all, you, your – please use the tricky word bag to practise these words.  The words will be updated this Friday.


Pictures from this week: