Year Six Homework – week beginning 5/11/18


Hope you have all had a fabulous half term and a good rest. Here is an overview for this week.

Also, spellings learnt over half term need to be revised further and will be tested on 12/11/18.



Maths – Please complete maths sheet given in your Math’s group – due to be handed in by 13/11/18


Topic – Ensure you are up to date with your topic and have completed everything given so far. This week can also be used to complete some additional research about one area of your choosing for your country. Please make sure all topics are in school next Wednesday for teachers to ensure you are on the right lines and up to date with homework so far.

Project homework


English – Please read the short story given out. Choose ten ambitious words from the text and record on your copy along with explanations and an understanding of what they mean. Due to be brought back to school on 15/11/18


Reading – reading at least three times a week and keep working on your reading challenge.

Any queries, please do not hesitate in letting us know.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Whittaker, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Ilott and Miss Kaur