Year Six Homework – week beginning 3/12/18

We are very much looking forward to seeing all of your completed topics on Friday. Also, make sure you have brought in your equipment and aprons on Thursday labelled for Pizza day. Any outstanding letters and contributions of a pound towards the cost need to be handed in by Tuesday. Attached below is a copy of the

Monday – Spelling. Please learn spelling of double consonants and their meaning for next Monday, 10/12/18

Tuesday – Maths. Please complete Maths Whizz work.

Wednesday – Topic – spend the time completing any finishing touches to your topic so it is ready to hand in on Friday.

Remember you need to include the following:

Front cover, Introduction and contents page

Map with name of the continent, the location of towns/ cities, physical features such as rivers and mountains, nearest/surrounding countries/ seas/ ocean and any major tourist attractions.

location of the country and its main physical features (refer to your map for help). Describe the country’s natural beauty – e.g. lakes, beaches, forests, waterfalls, mountains or wildlife. How does it compare with the UK?

Include some pictures or photographs of the country and it’s physical features with a description- where are they? How big/small? What makes them special?

Climate section including a graph

Population including a population pyramid

Natural resources, trade links, imports and exports

Two culture sections




Thursday – English. Grammar sheet – please complete and hand in by 13/12/18

Friday – Reading – at least three times a week.