YR Week Ending 8.2.19

We’ve had another busy week in Reception. The children have been absolute super stars during our English Hub Showcases. Our visitors have been most impressed with our reading and phonics.

In Literacy, we have been learning our new Talk for Writing story ‘Whatever Next!’ – based on the text by author Jill Murphy. We have enjoyed writing from Baby Bear’s perspective and making lists of what we would take if we went on a voyage to the moon.

In phonics, we are learning to read and write two syllable words and recapping on previously learned tricky words. Our rhyme of the week is ‘The Mulberry Bush’.

In Maths Mastery, we met the Numberling 10 in Numberblocks. We have been representing the number 10 in lots of different ways and making links with our prior knowledge of numbers when considering the composition of the number 10. We have also been thinking about exchange (how 10 ones make 1 ten).

Later this week, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year! We will be taking part in a variety of different activities, including: mask making, puppet making, card writing and food tasting. On Friday, the children will all participate in a Chinese Dance Workshop.


HISTORY – In your child’s homework folder you will find an activity related to our work on toys to complete.

LITERACY – Please reinforce our ambitious vocabulary with your children at home:

voyage – a long journey, usually in space or by sea. E.g., Baby Bear went on a long voyage to the Moon.

rumbled – a deep, loud sound that goes on and on! E.g., The thunder rumbled as the storm raged on.

torrential – rain falling heavily and quickly. E.g., The rain was absolutely torrential!

chuckled– to laugh quietly to yourself. E.g., Mrs Bear chuckled at Baby Bear’s mischief.

MATHS – Can you find ten of something at home? Can you build the 10 Numberling? Can you think of some different ways to make 10? How many different ways can you find?