YR Week Ending 15.2.19

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your lovely comments during our parent’s evening meetings – it is great to hear how the children are enjoying their YR experiences. By the end of this week, Reception will be half way through their very first year at Little Sutton Primary School – how time flies!

In Literacy, we have continued work on our new Talk for Writing story ‘Whatever Next!’, based on the text by author Jill Murphy. This week, we will be writing the beginning of the story using our Talk for Writing actions as prompts to remember.

In phonics, we will continue practising reading and writing two-syllable words as well as consolidating our knowledge of sounds and tricky words and applying our knowledge at sentence level. Our rhyme of the week will be ‘Ring O’ Roses’.

In Maths Mastery, we will continue practising counting up to 20 and back down to 0! We will also be exploring doubling and halving numbers and how to record our knowledge as number sentences.


LITERACY – Please continue to reinforce our ambitious vocabulary with your children at home:

voyage – a long journey, usually in space or by sea. E.g., Baby Bear went on a long voyage to the Moon.

rumbled – a deep, loud sound that goes on and on! E.g., The thunder rumbled as the storm raged on.

torrential – rain falling heavily and quickly. E.g., The rain was absolutely torrential!

chuckled– to laugh quietly to yourself. E.g., Mrs Bear chuckled at Baby Bear’s mischief.