Year 5 Homework – Week beginning 11.02.19

Tuesday: Due: 26.02.19

Reading: How many books can you read over half term? We can’t wait to hear your recommendations when you return. Remember you can log onto Bug Club too!

Writing: Write a short diary entry about your favourite day in the holidays. This should be 1/2-full page of A4. It can be typed on the computer or handwritten. Remember to include ambitious vocabulary, varied sentence starters and a wide range of punctuation. If you’d like to draw a picture or attach a photo, that would be great too!

Maths: Help your class achieve the Celebration Assembly award by logging onto Maths Whizz. How many progress points can you gain over half term?

Friday: Spellings: Learn words. Due: 01.03.19

Have a wonderful half term. You have all worked exceptionally hard and deserve to have some fun and a good rest.

Mrs L’Homme and Mr Smith