YR Week Ending 8.3.19

Reception will continue their work on ‘The Enormous Turnip’ in Literacy this week, as part of ‘Classics Week’.  The children’s recall of the story is excellent already which is most impressive!  So, we will be submerging our imaginations into the story a little further, through hot seating the characters using our character masks and our finest acting skills! We will continue digging for real turnips and other vegetables in the mud; digging for tricky words on turnips in the sand box and drawing scenes from the story on the ground with chunky chalks! Inside, we will be applying our phonics knowledge to write the beginning of our story and explore the props lefts by our teachers to encourage independent writing opportunities!

Our rhyme of the week is ‘There was a Princess Long Ago’. In Phonics, we will continue recapping our tricky words and sounds, and consolidating and applying our knowledge through reading and writing sentences.

In Maths Mastery, we will be discussing odd and even numbers through a new episode of the Numberblocks and exploring odd and even numbers using Numicon in the classroom and in the outdoor area.  We will be engaging in a range of sorting activities linked to odd and even numbers, including: odd & even fishing; placing odd and even numbers in ascending and descending order; building odd and even Numberblocks characters; and exploring Numicon pieces in a feely bag and deciding whether they are ‘even tops’ or ‘odd blocks’!


Please remember to check your child’s orange homework folder for this week’s written homework.


Ambitious vocabulary:

enormous – a way of describing something that is very, very big! E.g., the turnip was enormous!

budge – to move. E.g., I tried to move the enormous box but it would not budge!

assist – to help someone. E.g., the little boy ran over to assist the old lady.

soared – to fly or rise high into the air. E.g., the kite soared high in the sky.