Year Six Homework – week beginning 1/4/19

We hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Here is an overview of homework for this week.

Monday – please learn spellings and when and how you would use them. As always, they are available on spellanywhere. Please learn for 8/4/19

Tuesday – Maths. Please choose one subject from your CPG book you think would help you and complete the section and practice questions. Complete the next pages of your green homework books too. This is due to be completed by 9/4/19

Wednesday – Grammar – please complete the Grammar sheets and hand them in by 10/4/19

Thursday – Reading – please complete the Reading comprehension sheets and hand in by 11/4/19

Friday – Reading challenge – please keep on updating your reading challenge and make sure you are reading three times a week. Please record the books you are reading in your homework diary.

Well done for working so hard at the moment and remember to be reading those newspapers to help you with your journalistic writing this week and next.

Thanks for all your hard work and support,

The Y6 Team