YR Week Ending 5.7.19

After a lovely two weeks observing their development, the chicks have returned to their farm.  YR have now turned their attention to the class caterpillars.  As a continuation of our life-cycles topic, we have been discussing the life-cycle of a butterfly.  We had dropped jaws and lots of questions when we discussed what would happen to the caterpillars over the coming weeks – the children have been keeping a very close eye on the changes and are excited to see each caterpillar form its chrysalis!

In Literacy this week, we are learning the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!  We will be using this story to have a go at writing in our Year 1 books in readiness for September.  We will be engaging in lots of arts and craft work linked to caterpillars and butterflies, which you may see drying on the easels in our outside area throughout the week!

Our rhyme of the week is ‘There was a Crooked Man’.  In Phonics, we will be revising the sounds oi, ear, air, ure, making sure that we identify these digraphs when reading and apply them correctly when writing.

In Maths Mastery, we are continuing our work on teen numbers.  We will be looking at teen numbers as ‘1 ten and a quantity of ones’.  We will be representing these numbers on tens frames and representing the number in part-part-whole diagrams and number sentences!  We will be using our knowledge of numbers and number facts to help us.


Please remember to check your child’s orange homework folder for this week’s homework.

Ambitious vocabulary:

Literacy vocabulary:

ravenous – to be very, very hungry

devour – to eat something hungrily or quickly

metamorphosis – the process of changing into something else (caterpillar to butterfly)

Maths vocabulary, linked to place value: