Curriculum Notes Year 3 Autumn 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to another year at Little Sutton Primary School.  We hope you enjoyed the summer holidays and we look forward to working with you and your child this year.

These curriculum notes are intended to give you an idea of the topics your child will be studying during the Autumn term.  We have also written a reminder with regards to dinner money, medication and equipment needed in school.  Details with regards to homework are also included.

We hope that these notes will enable you to support your child with the work they are carrying out at school by providing them with opportunities to extend their knowledge of the subjects.  We would also appreciate you supporting them to complete homework to a high standard and return it on time as well as ensuring they have all the equipment they will need.

Below is an overview of all the subjects and topics your child will be covering in the Autumn term.


Partition 3 digit numbers into multiples of 100, 10 & 1 in different ways.

Derive & recall all addition & subtraction facts for each number to 20, sums & differences of multiples of 10 & number pairs that total 100.

Add or subtract mentally combinations of 1 digit & 2 digit numbers.

Draw & complete shapes with reflective symmetry; draw the reflection of a shape in a mirror line along one side.

Read to the nearest division & half-division, scales that are numbered or partially numbered; use the information to measure & draw to a suitable degree of accuracy.

Use Venn or Carroll diagrams to sort data and objects using more than one criterion.


Fiction and Poetry – Stories with familiar settings.  Plays – looking at structure and reading for an audience.

Myths, legends & fables.  Authors & letters.  Adventure & mystery stories.

Non-Fiction – Information books on topics of interest, non-chronological reports, thesauruses and dictionaries.


Linked to Greek topics – animals including humans and their main body parts and functions, as well as the importance of nutrition.

Plants; the life of a plant and planning investigations to further learn about plant growth and structure.


Combining text and graphics.

Researching on the internet and e-safety


Locating Greece on a world map.

Situation and importance of the Ancient Greece

Greek buildings, people and activities.


Ancient Greece – its culture, important people and influence on the modern world


Greek art.

Children will explore and develop ideas, investigate and experiment using a variety of media and then evaluate and develop their work.

Design Technology

Pneumatics and moving toys linked to Ancient Greek myths.


Gymnastics – devising sequence incorporating aspects of movement.

Games – 3TV Invasion games

3CH Swimming – On cold days please wear trousers not tights when swimming to help with changing


Listening, appraising & composing.

Use of rhythm & melody.


Sharing & being generous                  Caring for others, animals and the environment.

Creating unity & harmony                   Participating & being willing to lead

Essential Equipment required

Named Water bottle                            PE kit.                                     Named Pencils HB

Pencil crayons/crayons                      Glue stick                                Pencil sharpener

Book bag for homework tasks, diaries (reading & homework) & maths games ONLY.  (No other bags are allowed in class)


Year 3 will be given homework each week which they will record in their homework diary (a small notebook should it not have found its way home yet!). We suggest a working time of 20 minutes for each subject. In order to monitor homework we would ask you sign the diary at the end of every week. This then acts as our contract with you. Please feel free to make any comments in the diary with regards to problems or indeed praise for hard work and then any problems can be dealt with.

Homework in the main will be as follows:-

Monday           Spellings and class times tables tested on Mondays (new words given every week)

Mondays         Alternate Maths or Literacy task given on a Monday for the following Monday.

Mental maths on-going practice at home for a weekly test on a Wednesday

Reading – children to read at least 3 times a week from a home reader.  Please record in your child’s Reading Diary. (see note in front of Reading Diary)

There may be other work as necessary but this will be clearly written in homework diaries.

Dinner Trips/ Clubs money etc

Dinner Money is £10.75 per week and should be paid for on ParentPay Details for trips and clubs etc are sent out separately but will generally be paid for through ParentPay unless otherwise specified.  If you do not have access to ParentPay yet please ask for details of ParentPay at the office otherwise, send correct amount by cheque or cash in a named envelope.


Please ensure that inhalers and/or relevant medicines are in school and in date.

Class Information

Could children please have all their clothes and equipment named.

Children with long hair must wear it tied back for PE.

Could children who wear glasses have a case to put their glasses in when not in use.

Any valuables should be left at home.

On a Thursday afternoon while the Y3 staff use time for planning, preparation and assessment the children will enjoy one hour of French and one hour of Music.

Please encourage your children to leave their toys at home.


Many thanks for your continued support throughout this year.

Mrs Hawkes & Mr Viollet