Year Six Homework – week beginning 16/9/19

We hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine this weekend and have a good rest. Here’s an overview of your homework for this week. Please remember to bring in your Rotary Award forms if you want to participate in this this year by Wednesday 18th and any letters of application for the HSBC roles need to be in by Wednesday too as this will be when the interviews are.

Monday: Spellings – learn words with suffix able and ably. Times table – x 6 due: 23.09.19

Tuesday: Topic: To research one area of the UK and bring in information to support writing a persuasive brochure about this location for 24.9.19

Wednesday: English: Research Shakespeare’s life and find out as much as you can about the following:

His early life

His life as a playwright

Words/phrases he created

The Globe theatre

His other work

This needs to be in school by Wednesday 25.9.19

Thursday: Maths Whizz

Friday: Reading at least three times a week.

Individual photos are on Tuesday 17th so make sure you are dressed smartly for these.

Many thanks

Year Six Team