Week Beginning 13.1.20

This week in Reception, we will be continuing our exciting work on The Great Barrier Reef, inspired by The Wonder Garden by Jenny Broom.

In Phonics, we will be learning three new sound: ee, igh and oaand three new high frequency words: them, with and see.  We will be applying all of our phonic and tricky word knowledge through decoding simple captions and sentences. 

Our rhyme of the week will be: Old Mother Hubbard.

In Maths Mastery, we will continue our work on the number 8!  We will be thinking carefully abut the composition of 8 and representing 8 in different ways.

Please remember to check your child’s homework folder on Wednesday.



Each week, or for each topic, in Reception we will be learning new ambitious vocabulary to expand our bank of words!  We will be encouraging children to use this vocabulary in their speech to build their confidence and competency when discussing their knowledge and learning – please encourage and practise this at home! 

Literacy vocabulary:

ecosystem – a large community of living things in a particular area

habitat – the natural home or environment of an animal or plant

diverse – showing a great deal of variety