Y1 examples of writing ‘The Ice Bear’

Year 1 had a fantastic two weeks creating wonderful writing about ‘The Ice Bear’. Here are two examples of our snowflake poetry…

What is a snowflake?


It is a freezing snowstorm,

As cold as an ice-cream.

It is as unique as me.

It is as white as a cloud.

Falling from the sky without a sound,

Dancing silently like a ballerina,

Swirling and twirling to the ground.


Dominic Carr Y1LB



What is a Snowflake?


A snowflake is as light as a feather.

A snowflake is as beautiful as a ballerina.

A snowflake is as delicate as glass.

One snowflake is precious.

Snowflakes shine like the sun.


Poppy Griffin-Haigh Y1JF