YR Week Beginning 10.2.2020

In Literacy, we will continue our work on our new Talk for Writing story ‘The Enormous Turnip!’. We will be applying our phonic knowledge through writing captions and sentences linked to the story.

In phonics, we will practise reading and writing two-syllable words as well as consolidating our knowledge of sounds and tricky words and applying our knowledge at sentence level. Our rhyme of the week will be ‘Ring O’ Roses’.

In Maths Mastery, we will be consolidating our learning from this half term and demonstrating our knowledge to all of our teachers!


LITERACY – Please continue to reinforce our ambitious vocabulary with your children at home:


Ambitious vocabulary:


enormous – a way of describing something that is very, very big! E.g., the turnip was enormous!

budge – to move. E.g., I tried to move the enormous box but it would not budge!

assist – to help someone. E.g., the little boy ran over to assist the old lady.

soared – to fly or rise high into the air. E.g., the kite soared high in the sky.