Digimap for schools – Home Learning Activity – Mapping a daily walk 

As you get your daily exercise in, why not improve your geographical skills at the same time…

1. Login to Digimap for Schools at https://digimapforschools.edina.ac.uk/login using the schools details: 

Username/password: please refer to the email sent to you from ParentPay

2. In the search box type your postcode.

3. Decide where you would like to walk. You can plan the route on Digimap before you start.

4. You can print off your map before your walk by selecting the ‘print’ function. Make sure you can see the whole area you are walking on your printed map. 

5. Take a pen or a pencil with you, so you can map where you have walked! 

On your walk, look out for as many geographical features as you can! These may include:

Physical features: trees, forest, a valley, hill, river, lake, weather, vegetation, soil

Human features: shops, houses, roads, farms

6. Take lots of photographs! These can be added to your map later on Digimaps!

7. Make notes on your printed map too and mark your journey. 

8. Once you have returned home, open Digimaps and enter you route digitally.

To do this, select the ‘Drawing Tools’ feature on the toolbar. Use the ‘Draw line’ function to begin.

You can map your route using a coloured line. You can also pin point your starting point by adding a ‘marker’.

9. Then add your photographs that you have saved on your computer.

To add a photo select the camera icon, and then click on your map where you would like the photo to go.



This is an example of a completed map.

For further information how to use Digimaps you can download their userguide https://digimapforschools.edina.ac.uk/schools/Resources/allstages/userguide.pdf

Have fun and be safe! Send or tweet us a photo of your completed maps. We would love to see them!