Dear Parents,

We hope you are well and have been enjoying the lovely weather. Thank you to those of you whose children attended the Zoom meetings on Wednesday. We enjoyed them immensely and will be running another meeting on Wednesday 8th July. Details for these meetings will follow soon.

Below are the weekly resources to support your child’s home learning. Please DO NOT complete these tasks if your child is now attending school.

LS Year 1 Planned Work for Home learners

LS Year 1 timetable for home learners



Please continue with the daily phonics lessons and reading on Collins ebooks and Bug Club. Education City also has reading activities available.

On Monday, you will receive an email to inform you the book your child should read over the week.



Next week, we will be completing a Talk for Writing unit based on the ‘We Found a Hat’ story. The flipchart, model text and two useful YouTube clips (including the read aloud story) can be found below:

Flipchart – We Found a Hat

We Found a Hat – Model Text


Please see the work overview document at the top of this page for further information about how to complete this unit.

We would also like the children to continue practising their handwriting skills. Here is a PDF document with blank handwriting lines for your child to practise their lower case letters.

Handwriting lines



This week’s spellings will be available on Spell Anywhere from Monday morning. To access Spell Anywhere please follow these steps:

Access the school website —> Click on Pupils —> Click on Spellings —> Click on Year 1 —> A list of high frequency words will appear

The spellings to practise for Monday 29th June are:

square, aware, bear, pear, happy, family, reply, fly


The spellings to practise for Monday 6th July are:

trouble, double, shoulder, badge, bridge, fudge, grey, obey




We would like the children to continue with the focus on unit addition facts and being able to recall such facts with speed. These facts can be found on the following ‘Fact Fluency Grid’:

The Fact Fluency Grid

Please also complete the five daily lessons below:

Lesson 1 (continued from last week):



If you have already completed this lesson then your child may wish to design some ‘equal grouping’ word problems of their own or experiment with equal grouping practically at home.

Lesson 2:

Flipchart to model array board

Modelling PPT

Multiplication facts to represent

Lesson 3:


Varied Fluency

Reasoning and Problem Solving

Lesson 4:


Challenge label – THURS

Lesson 5:

Flipchart – Fri




Please follow the timetable and work overview guidance for topic activities. This week will be beginning our new Science topic: Animals Including Humans. Here is a ‘flipping mat’ to support your child’s learning and this week’s resources:

Animals Including Humans flipping mat

Lesson 1 – Animal types and classifying animals

Animal sorting sheet

Grouping Animals PPT

Key Vocabulary Map – Animals including humans

Missing word sentences

Lesson 2 – Basic animal structure


Animal type labels

Here is the PowerPoint about Healthy Living. We would like the children to read through this and then create a healthy fruit salad at home. Please feel free to send photos of these fruit salads to the class email address!

Healthy Living – PPT


Best wishes and take care,

Mr Storer and Miss Faulkner