Y5 French 13/07/20

Ce n’est pas ‘Adieu’, c’est ‘Au revoir!’ ( It is not ‘Goodbye’, it is, ‘Until me meet again!’)

So, here we are at the end of a strange school year in what has been a momentous time in history, a time children in the future will study, analyse and read about with interest, in history, in politics and in medicine.  Last week, you learned about the French Revolution and how it changed France for ever; how there ceased to be a monarchy and  France became a Republic. The democratic rights of the French people are still fiercely defended in France today. 

Task: To produce an illustration of “Bastille Day – Le 14 juillet’

This could take many different forms depending on your interests. Research a little deeper into an aspect which interests you. Here are some suggestions, but you can interpret the task anyway you like.

  • The Parisian Fireworks
  • The military processions on the Champs Elysées
  • The Palais de Versailles ( where Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette lived) ( picture/description/history?)
  • A comic strip of the events
  • The history of the guillotine ( a bit gruesome!)
  • The Eiffel Tower ( a picture/ a model/a fact-file ?)

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy it and remember, this happened to real people, real children, who were part of what happened then – just as you are now part of our period in history.


Bonnes vacances!

Madame Stratfull