School Funding

Dear Parent/Carer

Our last Ofsted inspection said that Little Sutton Primary School “is an outstanding school with outstanding results” where “teaching is highly engaging and pupils respond very well to a wide variety of interesting lessons and feel safe within the highly caring environment.” Whilst we are pleased with this, we want to strive to be even better. We want to further enhance our school’s facilities, the learning environment and extra-curricular opportunities so that every child benefits from a well-rounded and inspirational education. Children have one chance at their education and we believe our children deserve the absolute best. As a result of the national funding cuts, we need the support of our parents to achieve this.
Through your past support and generous donations to our School Opportunities Fund many of our learning resources have been funded. For this we are extremely grateful.

As we have previously made parents aware, at Little Sutton Primary School we are facing significant pressure on our school budget. This is a national issue with school budgets not increasing in line with costs. The website has predicted a reduction in our budget of £77,000 by 2019/20.

As a result of the funding cuts, schools are going to need to pay even closer attention to setting a balanced budget every year. For many schools this is going to involve looking at how they can cut costs, however, at Little Sutton we are extremely keen to avoid this situation which is why we have implemented an income generation plan. We are beginning to work on some key strategies, in conjunction with a number of stakeholders including local businesses, in order to generate commercial income. This income will only be used to benefit the pupils here at Little Sutton Primary School.

You will start to see some initiatives over the coming months and I would encourage you to support these wherever possible. The first thing we would like you to do is to make a regular donation to our School Fund. Run through our charitable arm, Friends of Little Sutton School, any donations to the School Fund are eligible for Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer – meaning that for every £4 donated we can claim an additional £1 from HM Government at no extra cost to you.

Please click here to download a standing order form for the School Opportunities Fund which we would very much like you to support. Please select the regular donation amount of either £2, £4, £5 or complete the amount you would like to give each month.

If you would like to support the School Opportunities Fund but would prefer not to set up a standing order, we would be very grateful for any donation you make.

Many thanks for your support, this will make a tremendous difference to our school.

Mrs Davis & Mrs Thompson