Curriculum Notes Year 5 Spring 2018

Little Sutton Primary School                                                                                                                                                                                   Year 5 Curriculum Plan

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the new year at Little Sutton Primary School.  We hope you enjoyed the Christmas holiday and we look forward to working with you and your child in 2018.

These curriculum notes are intended to give you an idea of the topics your child will be studying during the Spring term.  We have also written a reminder with regards to dinner money, medication and equipment needed in school.  Details with regards to homework are also included.

We hope that these notes will enable you to support your child with the work they are carrying out at school by providing them with opportunities to extend their knowledge of the subjects.  We would also appreciate you supporting them to complete homework to a high standard and return it on time as well as ensuring they have all the equipment they will need.

Below is an overview of all the subjects and topics your child will be covering in the Spring term.


Place value, ordering & rounding                                Understanding ‘x’ & ‘÷’

Money & real life problems                                         Fractions, decimals & percentages

Shape & space                                                              Division


The Matchbox Diary                                                   The Highwayman

Persuasive adverts and leaflets                                 Performance Poetry


Properties of materials, comparing & grouping, understanding mixtures & solutions

Conducting fair tests and investigations


Travel & Tourism; Planning a journey around the world which encompasses key criteria


Link to Literacy- The Highwayman, e.g. Dick Turpin

The Anglo-Saxons


CAD & CAM                                Google mapping linked to local geography


Black & white sketches linked to The Highwayman              Perspective drawing linked to the Matchbox Diary

Design Technology

Design & create a town


1st half term; Contemplation; Being open, honest and truthful

2nd half term; Community; Participating and willing to learn


PE will be on Thursdays & Fridays – gymnastics and cricket


Music following the Charanga scheme of work. Modules are Adele (make you feel my love) and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (with accompanying hip hop and beatboxing.)

Equipment required

Could we remind you to label all PE kit as well as items of uniform as we always have many un-named items at the end of each half term.


Literacy & Numeracy homework to be set plus spellings

Many thanks for signing the homework diaries.  Could you please continue to sign them and make sure that they are in school on a Monday morning?

Dinner money

Please pay dinner money via your ParentPay account if possible or put money in an envelope with your child’s name and the amount enclosed on the front. Cost of dinners this year is £2.25 per day.


Please ensure that inhalers and/or relevant medicines are in school and in date.

Class information

Parents Evening Thursdays 8th and 15th February

Please ensure that all of your child’s PE kit is named and that pumps are the correct size. PE this term will be on a Thursday and Friday. Could all clothing and belongings please be re-named as names labels do fade and many are becoming difficult to read.

On Wednesday afternoons, while the Y5 staff use time for planning, preparation and assessment, the children will enjoy one hour of Art and one hour of French.

Our class assembly is on Tuesday 20th March at 9.00 a.m. and all parents are invited to attend.


Many thanks for your continued support throughout this year.


Mr Smith & Miss Cook