Curriculum Notes Reception Summer 2018

Little Sutton Primary School                                                                                                                                                                      Reception Year Curriculum Plan

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the last half term at Little Sutton Primary School for this academic year.

These curriculum notes are intended to give you an idea of the topics your child will be studying during the last part of the Summer term.  We have also written a reminder with regards to dinner money, medication and equipment needed in school.  Details with regards to homework are also included.

We hope that these notes will enable you to support your child with the work they are carrying out at school by providing them with opportunities to extend their knowledge of the subjects.  We would also appreciate you supporting them to complete homework to a high standard and return it on time as well as ensuring they have all the equipment they will need.

Below is an overview of all the subjects and topics your child will be covering.


Exploring and understanding story book language, sequencing events.

Writing simple stories, encouraging independent writing

Upper and lowercase letters and alphabetical ordering

Reading diaries – to be sent home with home readers twice a week and Reading Challenge

We would appreciate it if you would continue to write comments in your children’s reading diaries

Reading Tricky and high frequency words


Addition and subtraction using different methods

Counting in different values (2s, 5s and 10s), making doubles

Estimating weight and capacity

Time, o’clock and half past

Recognition of small value coins, addition and giving change

Data handling – collecting information and recording


Knowledge & Understanding

Growing plants and seeds

Exploring natural life cycles – butterflies and hens

Comparing different places, locally and worldwide

Using a wider range of computer programs, using programmable equipment, digital camera, iPads


The Wider World/Forgiving

Creative Development

Exploring colour and shape/texture

Designing and making 3D models

Exploring a range of music – quick, slow, loud etc


Physical Development

Using large and small equipment, gymnastics

Team games and preparation for Sports Day


Reading twice a week

Weekly Reading Challenge

An additional piece of maths or English homework per week


Please ensure that inhalers and/or relevant medicines are in school and in date.

Class Information

On a Tuesday afternoon, while the Reception staff use time for planning, preparation and assessment, the children will enjoy one hour of French and one hour of Art.

Dates for your Diary

School closed for Voting                                 Thursday 3rd May

Sports Day                                                        Friday 29th June

Open Parents Evening                                    Thursday 12th July 4-7pm

Please ensure that named sun hats/caps are brought into school for use in our outside classroom.

Many thanks for your continued support throughout this year.


Mrs Farmer, Mrs Logan & Mrs Wilson, Mrs Barrett


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