Governing Body of Little Sutton School


This term the Governing Board has carried out a review of the activities we undertake to ensure we are fulfilling our role properly. The review concluded that we are executing our role as the government expects, but we are not complacent and so have an action plan to ensure we do even better!

Part of that review included a detailed look at the parent questionnaires you completed at the end of the summer term. Slightly disappointingly, only 52 were received, which is much less than in previous years. However, they showed that the overwhelming majority of parents are very happy with the school and the quality of the teaching that allows the children to make such great progress. We were particularly delighted to see that 100% of respondents rate the “overall standard of education”, “supportiveness of staff” and “how well the school is led and managed” as excellent or good. This is the third year in a row that you have provided such strong positive feedback. One area that we identified last year as needing attention was “the way the school deals with bullying”. In the past many of you did not know how the school deals with bullying, but that has improved considerably.  Feedback suggests that the anti-bullying updates at the start of the Year Group Workshops has helped.

As governors we will continue to review the feedback you have provided and use it to guide the strategic direction of the school. We pay close attention to the many positive comments and the small number of negative comments, so please try to take the time to complete the questionnaire when given the opportunity later in the school year.

As we come to the end of the term, I hope you have had chance to enjoy the children perform in their Christmas celebrations. The governing body try to attend as many as possible, especially those where we are linked to a particular year group. All parents should be very proud of the confidence that all the children display performing in front of an audience.

On behalf of the governing body, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year.


Mark Griffiths

Chair of Governors