Year 3 Ice Bear work

During the first two weeks of January, Year 3 really enjoyed using Jackie Morris’ book, The Ice Bear as a stimulus for their writing. We focused our writing on different styles of poetry and developing our use of descriptive language. We hope you enjoy reading our work! Senses Poem by…

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Ice Bear Year 4


In Year 4, we wrote senses poems about the pivotal moment in the story when the raven captures the baby polar bear. We thought carefully about each individual sense, the structure of a poem and tried  to include adventurous adjectives, verbs and adverbs, similes and personification. We hope you enjoy reading our work.

Ice Bear Senses Poem

The Ice Bear Senses Poem


Year Six Ice Bear writing

Year Six children had a fabulous two weeks entering the magical world of Jackie Morris’ Ice Bear. As part of this unit, the children used a range of devices to write descriptive sentences about scenes from the book and they also went on to develop a balanced argument about what type…

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Year 2 Ice Bear

In Year 2, the children used the Ice Bear topic as inspiration to write non-chronological reports about polar bears. Each child used an iPad to research their own facts about polar bears before writing a report containing appropriate non-fiction features. Here is an example written by Tom in Y2JS: Polar…

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Y1 examples of writing ‘The Ice Bear’

Year 1 had a fantastic two weeks creating wonderful writing about ‘The Ice Bear’. Here are two examples of our snowflake poetry… What is a snowflake?   It is a freezing snowstorm, As cold as an ice-cream. It is as unique as me. It is as white as a cloud.…

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Ice Bear

We had a fantastic start to the Spring Term with a North Pole themed week.  We even had an Ice Bear in School, not a real one, but one that made us think about our writing. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed producing it.

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