Year 5: Week beginning 14.06.21

Year 5 have had a wonderful start to this half term, well done!

Your homework set this week is as follows:

Spellings – Practise your spellings – these can be found on Spellanywhere

Maths – Find and take photographs of each of the 4 types of angle: acute, obtuse, reflex and right angle.
Estimate the size of this angle in degrees. You can print this off and return it to school or you can submit this as an assignment through Microsoft Teams.

English – Character Analysis – Complete the worksheet based on Vortigern, Hengest or Horsa, remember to include as much detail as possible.

Reading – Don’t forget to be reading 3 times a week for half an hour and make sure that you are recording what you are reading into your reading challenge. It will also be useful to remember to bring this book into school every day too.

Remember to return your permission slip for our Birmingham Botanical Gardens trip too.

The Year Five Team x