YR Update Week Beginning 27th September 2021

Reception are settling very quickly in to life at Little Sutton! It is like they have always been with us!

Our Baseline assessments have come to an end and we are now beginning work on our Early Years’ curriculum.  The children are very excited about their learning!

This week, we will be thinking about correct pencil grip and forming the letters s, a, t and p.  We will be using our formation phrases to help with accurate formation.

In Phonics, we will be continuing to learn our Phase 2 sounds: g, o, c and k and we will be introducing the tricky word ‘is’.  The children will be practising their oral blending in lots of different situations.

Our Rhyme of the Week is Humpty Dumpty, please practise this at home with your child so that they become fluent.

In Maths Mastery, we will thinking all about matching. The children will be taking part in a variety of different practical activities both inside and in our outside classroom. Please encourage your child to identify objects that match at home e.g. can they help sort the socks into matching pairs after they have been washed and dried? Can they sort the cutlery out into forks, knives and spoons. We are encouraging the children to answer the question: ‘How do you know they are the same?’ and to give their answer in a full sentence.

We will also begin our learning about our local school environment, Belonging and Autumn.

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Many thanks for your continued support,

The Reception Team



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