Year Six – week commencing 4/10/21

Hi everyone. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend. Here is the homework for this week. Remember to bring your bikes and helmets in too if you’re doing Bikeability. Please bring in your independent topic work so far on Monday.

Monday – Spellings – learn your five spellings for a test next week and complete the activities (see document attached). All to be completed by 11/10/21

Topic – Independent project. See details on sheet attached below. Research about geographical features in Brazil. Have in school by 11/10/21

Tuesday – English – complete reading comprehension sheet by 12/10/21

Wednesday – Maths – complete sheets provided by 13/10/21

Friday – reading at least three times a week

Bring in any reading challenge sheets on a Tuesday or Thursday to be signed off and stickers can be awarded.

Here are email addresses if you need to get in contact. Have a good week,

Kind regards

The Y6 Team

adding suffixes to words ending in fer activities

Independent project week 2