Year 3 Homework. Monday 18th October

This week’s homework for Year 3:

Please read at least 3 times a week and record any reading in your child’s reading diary.


Learn your new spellings for the spelling test on Monday.

Group 1: grey, pray, paid, make, brave

Group 2: pray, chain. scrape, grape, vein

Group 3: vein, neighbour, survey, complain, waist

Topic – Make a model of a Stone Age shelter using any natural resources you can find. You do not have to bring it in to school but feel free to take a picture if you would like to share it with the class.

Please learn your words to the play and songs. Every child has a booklet with the song words and some of the music can be found on Youtube. ‘Magical Christmas Jigsaw’


Maths Passports will still be on Wednesday and time tables test will be on Friday. This Friday’s test will be a mix of 2,3,5, 10, 4 times table.


Thank you for all your help and support at home.