Year 5: Week beginning 17.01.22

Year 5 have worked exceptionally hard for their whole school unit, we hope you enjoyed seeing their dream gardens. Their creativity definitely shone through!


To practise spellings, you can follow the usual spelling link on the Pupils section of the website and it will ask your child to log in. Their login details have been provided, but if there are any issues, do not hesitate to contact us on our emails.

Please learn the following spellings for Friday (21.01.22):

Group 1 – too, to, two, their, there, they’re

Group 2 – their, they’re, there, where, were

Group 3 – their, they’re, there, where, were

Homework (due 21.01.22)

English – Apostrophes worksheet

Maths – Maths Whizz (30 minutes)

Practise spellings

Reading – Read the Skellig chapters in preparation for our reading lessons

Reading diary

Reading diaries will be checked every Monday. On 17.01.22, diaries from the week commencing 10.01.22 will be checked and signed.

Year 5 team x