Year 5: Week beginning 07.02.22

Dear Year 5 Children and Parents,

Please find this week’s homework below.


To practise spellings, you can follow the usual spelling link on the Pupils section of the website and it will ask your child to log in. Their login details have been provided, but if there are any issues, do not hesitate to contact us on our emails.

Please learn the following spellings for Friday (11.02.22):

Homework (due 11.02.22)

Maths – Maths Worksheet – due 11.01.22

Science – For our science investigation on Friday (11.02.22), please could you bring in:

  • Plastic container
  • Different materials (e.g. bubble wrap, cling film, tin foil, tissue, wrapping paper)

We will be conducting an experiment on thermal conductors and insulators.

DT – Complete design brief and research – due 17.01.22.

Practise spellings

Reading diary

Reading diaries will be checked every Monday. On 07.01.22, diaries from the week commencing 31.01.22 will be checked and signed.

Year 5 team x