Year 6 – Easter Homework

Here’s hoping you have all had a wonderful weekend. This week’s homework will be the Easter Pack that we are sending home. In the pack, there is:

  • a maths arithmetic paper and maths facts to research and learn
  • a booklet of reading, spelling and grammar sheets

There are additional maths sheets for the children to work through too should they wish to do so.

The deadline for this homework is Wednesday 27th April which gives the children over three weeks to do this. If children wish to do any further revision, remember they can use their CGP maths books, access ‘Maths Whizz’ and ‘My Maths’ online at any time. There are also a range of activities in the English and maths sections of the below website:

Please remember that this is not intended to take over the Easter break but just keep things fresh in their mind. It is as important to rest and enjoy the break (eat lots of chocolate eggs, spend time outside and laugh lots for example– that includes you too!)

With thanks and best wishes,

Mrs Whittaker, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Stratfull and Miss Kaur