Year 2 Literacy 22.04.16

Year 2 have really enjoyed Literacy this week. Children were presented with a video on Monday explaining that there was a mysterious thief and that they had stolen an egg from Mrs Davis’ desk. As the clues were slowly revealed the children wrote newspaper articles documenting the evidence.


Here is an example by Y2LC


An awful week and sad too, Mrs Davis doesn’t know what to do. A great thief has broken into an office at Little Sutton and guess what?! The mystery thief stole Mrs Davis’ glistening egg! Year 2 are trying to investigate more about it and say it happened last Thursday.

An eyewitness, Mrs Conway had more evidence for this mystery “I only saw the back of her” she explained “it’s definitely a female.” Mrs Conway has told Year 2 lots more clues including: rings, very slim, dark hair, green coat and wears thin black trousers.

The suspense is rising because Y2 are continuing to receive more evidence, the teacher who committed the crime is in KS1. The clue was very helpful as the suspects who fit the description are now: Miss Cook, Miss Faulkner, Mrs Logan and Miss Kaur. Year 2 are so close to solving the case!