Return to School – FAQ’s

Dear Parents,

We have recently received a number of email and phone calls about the reopening of school and understand that parents have a number of queries about sending their children back to school.

As we are sure you can understand there are some questions at this stage we are unable to answer, particularly as we do not yet know how many pupils are returning. However we thought it would be helpful to compile a frequently asked question list with the answers we can give at this stage.


Will the curriculum be started straight away for children returning?

Yes we will be following the Early Years Curriculum for children in Reception and the National Curriculum for children for Years 1 and Year 6 and this will start on their return.


Can we send the children part-time on the days we work?

The guidance from the Government is that schools should offer a full-time place where the school is able to do so. The curriculum will be planned for the week and therefore attending full-time will avoid disruption to your child’s learning.


Can we send children to school at a later date?

The DfE have advised that parents will not be fined if their child does not attend school. If you do decide to send them at a later date, the school will require advance notice as this this may affect the arrangements we have in place for the groupings of the children.


If my child stays at home will you support with home learning?

When the children return to school, we will be teaching them the curriculum they would usually have learnt in the summer term with some catch up where needed. We will try and replicate this as far as possible with what we make available for children not at school, but some of the curriculum we will be teaching at school may not be transferable to home learning.


We are currently working hard to review all the guidance and carrying out risk assessments in order to put the best plans in place for the safe return of pupils and staff. As soon as we have more information we will let you know.


Thank you for your continued support.