YR Week Beginning 16.11.20

This week in YR, we will be celebrating and learning all about the Sikh and Hindu festival of Diwali.  The children will be taking part in a variety of different activities including dance workshops, food tasting and creating Rangoli patterns.

We will also be revising all of our Phase 2 sounds and words that we have learned up to this point.  We will be practising related letter formation and working on our confidence and independence with segmenting to write words and simple captions/sentences.  

Our Rhyme of the Week this week is Little Boy Blue.

In Maths Mastery, we will looking carefully at 3D shapes! We will be going on a 3D shape hunt, building with 3D shapes and sorting/categorising  the shapes based on their properties. We will be using the knowledge we gained last week, about 2D shapes, to help us with this week’s learning.




digraph: two letters (or graphemes) representing one sound


3D shapes: shapes that are NOT flat.  They have length, height and depth.  We say these shapes are 3 dimensional, which can be shortened to 3D! Cubes, cuboids and cones are all examples of 3D shapes. 3D shapes can be solid – like a wooden block – or empty inside (hollow) like an empty box.

face: a flat surface of a shape, curved surfaces are NOT faces e.g. A cube has 6 faces but a sphere has 1 curved surface!

edge: an edge is where 2 surfaces meet. Edges can be straight or curved.

vertex: a corner, or a point where 2 or more lines/edges meet.