Year 3 Homework 30.11

Name___________________________________ Homework due Monday 7th December

Year 3 Homework

Spellings – also found on Spell Anywhere

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Mystery, typical, lyric, system, crystal



gypsy, calypso, symbol, syrup, typical


sympathy, gymnastics, gypsy, oxygen, physics



Times tables and Maths Passport

Class times table for Friday test 9 times tables again. You might like to use the Hit the Button or BBC super movers websites to help you practise at home.

Maths Passports are to be tested on Wednesday mornings.


Homophones sheet.


Reading 3 times at home, please ensure the homework diary is completed each week, it really helps us to build a better understanding of your child’s reading. We will remind your child to swap their reading books during reading group time, but they are welcome to swap on other days too.

If you do Lexia please spent time on this.


10 minute Autumn workout sheet.