Music Tuition

Learning to play a musical instrument can bring rewards that last a lifetime.  At Little Sutton Primary School we have a team of dedicated, peripatetic instrumental teachers.  Tuition is available on the following instruments and the loan of an instrument can be arranged through the Birmingham Music Service.

violin   cello   flute   guitar

piano   double bass    ukelele


We also offer lessons on the recorder for our younger children in preparation for moving on to one of the other woodwind instruments as soon as they are ready.  The Music Service does not supply recorders, parents are therefore required to purchase one for their child.  Advice on suppliers can be obtained from the school office.


Lessons take place for a total of 30 weeks in the academic year.  The amount of lessons per half term will vary according to the length of the term, but a register is kept to ensure that the total for the year is 30.


CONTRACT: All parents and children will be asked to sign and return a contact which outlines our expectations when learning an instrument in school.



The annual charge is £270 per year is based on the child receiving a minimum of 30 lessons over the academic year.  If the Music Service fails to provide 30 lessons, for whatever reason, a refund will be given.  A refund will also be given for absences due to school trips.  No refunds can be given for other reasons eg. if a child fails to attend lessons or gives up the instrument before the end of a half term.  Please do not be concerned if the amount charged seems unreasonable for the number of lessons received in that particular half term, as the total yearly amount is billed in 6 equal instalments at the beginning of each half term for ease of administration.  The amount is £45.00 per half term.  Payment must be made promptly.  If no payment is received by the end of each half term we reserve the right to withdraw lessons and offer the place to another child.  All refunds and adjustments will be made to the final bill of the academic year.  The school is currently taking part in a Double Bass Project which means that there will be no charge to parents for this instrument for this academic year.


Please note that charges are payable each half term.


In addition to the cost of lessons you may be required to buy a book at the beginning of the year. If required, parents must cover the cost of any accidental damage or wear and tear to the instruments. You child’s music teacher will carry out any repairs.



If your child is currently eligible for Pupil Premium funding, you may choose to receive EITHER free instrumental tuition OR one extra-curricular school club for this academic year.  Please speak to the school office for more details.



The school is not responsible for any loss or damage to instruments in pupils’ care.  Instruments should not be left at school overnight.



Children are not normally considered for instrumental tuition until they reach Year 1.



For all instruments there is an audition process to test the suitability of your child for the particular instrument in which you have shown interest.  This may involve not only the musical aptitude of a child, but also the size of fingers, co-ordination, etc.  The final decision as to who is accepted rests with the instrumental teacher.  Once a child has been accepted they will be expected to receive lessons for at least one year.  If, after that time, and following discussion, the parents wish the lessons to finish, written notification is required giving half a term’s notice.


If you have any queries concerning tuition please do not hesitate to contact me.



Mrs R Davis


January 2022