Year 2 Curriculum Notes Autumn Term

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to another year at Little Sutton Primary School.  We hope you enjoyed the summer holidays and we look forward to working with you and your child this year. 

These curriculum notes are intended to give you an idea of the topics your child will be studying during the Autumn term.  We have also written a reminder with regards to dinner money, medication and equipment needed in school. 

We hope that these notes will enable you to support your child with the work they are carrying out at school by providing them with opportunities to extend their knowledge of the subjects.  We would also appreciate you supporting them to complete homework to a high standard and return it on time as well as ensuring they have all the equipment they will need.  

Below is an overview of all the subjects and topics your child will be covering in the Autumn term:


Place Value – Understanding place value of 2-digit numbers and partitioning them into tens and ones

Ordering Numbers – Compare and order numbers 0 – 100 using < > =

Writing Numbers in digits and words – Up to and beyond 100

Addition Subtraction – Using place value knowledge to add 2-digit numbers to 2-digits numbers

Number bonds – Bonds up to 20 and bonds to make 100

Counting in 2s,5s,10s and 3s – including counting forwards and backwards in tens from any number


Handwriting – To form letters correctly and begin to join                                     

Re-telling Stories – Talk for Writing topics: Retelling – The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson and Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Punctuation & Grammar – Using capital letters and fullstops. Identifying and using nouns, adjectives and adverbs, as well verbs using the correct tense. (past, present and future)  

Poems – Acrostic, shape and poems using a repeated pattern. (Autumnal vocabulary)

Spellings – (to be given out and tested on Mondays)         


Living things and their habitats – Identiying habiatats and microhabitats and how animals are suited to their environment.

Animals including humans – Life cycles and things that are alive, not alived and have never lived


Communicating information using text – keyboard skills

Email safety – Do’s and Don’ts of using the internet and email safely

Relevant cross-curricular research


Oceans – Naming and locating the 5 oceans

World Continents – Naming and locaring the 7 continents.


Comparisons of significant people in History – The children will research significant people in history and their achivements as part of their home research project.


Watercolour paintings tones and blending

Observational drawing to explore line, colour and shape


Multiskills – Throwing and catching, running, jumping and evasion games


Identiyinh beat, rhythm and pitch and composing ideas.


Living by rules                                     Sharing & being generous

Self discipline                                      Trying to make things better

The Story of Christmas

Equipment required

Please ensure all items are clearly named and that pumps fit correctly

PE kit  including outside tracksuit and trainers                Water bottle

Painting Apron                                    Book bag


Spellings – Mondays

Class Times table test – Monday

Numeracy passport – Wednesday

Home Readers to be changed Tuesday and Friday.

Trips/ Clubs money etc

Details for trips and clubs etc are sent out separately but will generally be paid for through ParentPay unless otherwise specified.  If you do not have access to ParentPay yet please ask for details of Parentpay at the office otherwise, send correct amount by cheque or cash in a named envelope. 


Please ensure that inhalers and/or relevant medicines are in school and in date.  If your child requires medication please collect a medicine administration form from the school office

Class information 

P.E.   Thursday and Friday.

Please send your child dressed in their full PE kit including tracksuit on both days.

Please avoid booking holidays during next May due to SATs tests week beginning Monday 17th May. 

On a Friday afternoon while the Y2 staff use time for planning, preparation and assessment the children will enjoy one hour of Music and P.E. over the term.

Many thanks for your continued support throughout this year. 

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Williams